8 thoughts on “Bank of America EDD Login and Reset Steps

  1. i can not get into my account and would like to know why!!! i need the edd money for bills!!! you guys are not making anything helpful especially since no one is answering calls either!!!!

    1. Due to lockdown, the service to be provided is being difficult. Stay updated, like official Facebook for banking official updates.

  2. How Does ADVISING us to check the facebook ACCOUNT helP??? I need my card replaced and cAnt access my ACCOUNT either? Can you help with that?

    1. Hi, thank you for reaching to us. Sorry, we cannot help you with that. You need to contact the respected bank branches near-by you.

  3. I made a mistake when i put down my email and now i cant verify my account how can i change my email so i can go into my edd bank of america account?

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